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My Story

Why I love blogging?

When I blog I know I can explore my inner most thoughts and pen it down in words. At times my blogs are an inspiration of my journey and how it gives me a reason to look back at the moments spent. Blogging has helped me in boosting up my confidence and say no to fear. I have learnt how to accept the struggles of life and how to win over them. Blogging gives me a reason to cherish the various people I meet through blogging, know more about their interests, culture, and language and so on. I can create my idea and let it grow fearlessly. As time passed by, I became better and better and mastered the art of writing. Now I can call myself a better writer and a good blogger.

What niche I consider while blogging?

  • Blogging tips – Only once when I gained enough experience in the field of blogging, then only I jotted down valuable tips about blogging that can help newbie bloggers to take their leap of faith in blogging.
  • Lifestyle – This niche is a popular one that is never going to lose its essence. Lifestyle blogs are interesting and vibrant, which is why I started off with this to be on the safe side.
  • Health – Only when I was too sure about my medical background, I thought of showing off, by writing health blogs. Otherwise in situations where my experience fails to advice, I let research rule the case.
  • Career – People love advices and tips on career and when I learnt enough about career, recruiting, job searching, etc, things like that, I knew this could be my call. By this time, I have gathered the confidence to freely talk and discuss with my fellow audience about career stuff.
  • Travel – I love travelling and when I connected with people from across the globe socially, I strengthened up my knowledge about travel and tourism. Now writing travel blogs is not just my forte, but my passion as well.
  • Personal blogs – There are times when I want the audience to feel what I am saying. Maybe, someone somewhere feels the exact way I do, who can appreciate my thoughts, views, ideas and opinions that I freely express in my blogs. I am myself when I write personal blogs.

What has blogging taught me?

My life has become more disciplined because of the traits that I learnt from blogging. I have learnt to grab the best opportunities, be it small or big, whole heartily and to  give my best efforts in that as well. Putting in hundred percent hard works and getting profitable income was one of the best things that happened to me. I desire to do something new every time I blog. The connections and the people who get engaged in my blog posts are the ones whom I know shares a special unique taste like me and therefore their presence doesn’t let me feel lonely. Blogging has become my life! Something I cannot do without!