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Gears Are Not The Only Thing Grinding Today… “Fake” Ideas!

Can you handle a stick?

Does the thought of getting behind the wheel make you nervous? Late night driving make your skin crawl? Tired of the random creeps who pick you up then immediately start hitting on you? is here to help! We offer a comprehensive, hands on customer experience that is sure to leave all parties satisfied!

That sounds great! Tell me more!

Well, I am glad you asked. At we provide top notch quality, as well as the best one-on-one personal training. Whether you’re a driving virgin, or have been around the bases more than once, we are sure after your first time with us you will be coming back for more.

My best friend is an experienced driver. Can she be in the car with me?

Of course! The more the merrier! Our policy is to implement whatever makes our client feel the most at ease. We understand meeting one of our instructors for the first time can be an awkward experience, so we highly encourage friends to join for an intimate lesson. Your highly attentive instructor will make sure both of you are completely comfortable, relaxed, and satisfied with your experience.

Isn’t it simple? Seduction works as smooth as gear changes in this series!

The thought of driving a manual transmission scares me. What advice do you have?

It all comes down to the rhythm. As a novice, you will want to go hard and fast, but our instructors will show you the proper way to handle that long, hard rod. Just a warning though, learning how to work a stick does take a lot of practice. We recommend not only physically practicing the proper way to hold a stiff stick in your free time, but it is recommended to become orally familiar with it as well. This could include learning to spell “gear”, “shift”, and “” with your tongue. All muscles, not matter how big or small, need to be in working order to become a great driver! As a bonus, our instructors assist with a pre-driving and post-driving stretch. Poses like downward dog, cat pose, 69, and a few other fan favorites are included on a regular basis.

Are there any advanced classes available?

We do offer advanced classes to all of our intermediate students. Once you have completed 18 hours of one-on-one training with your regular instructor, you will be invited to the advanced classes. These are offered to the best of the best, and this advanced class gives you the chance to work with two teachers at once. What a deal! Typically you would have one teacher at the head, and one at the rear. However some participants in our driving school specifically ask for both in the rear at the same time. It can be a tight squeeze, but with a little bit of persistence and a lot of lube (always keep extra in your vehicle for emergencies) our team will make it happen.

For our experienced drivers, we bump you up to three instructors. Two in the rear and one at the end to give you all the attention you desire. These drivers are typically asked to be recorded while having their lessons to use as educational material for our novice drivers. When our customers see the delight on their faces in our educational videos, they cannot wait to join.

You’ve convinced me, how do I join?

Stop on by our officers located near Beavertown, or call our head instructors Dick B. and Willy D at the number located on our website. We can’t wait to give you hands on care!