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A Beginner’s Guide to Start Writing a Blog

What made you think you could write? Your passion or is it your thirst for earning money through writing? Be it any reason, blogging is definitely a kickass start for a booming future. You can be an entrepreneur blogger or a professional one who works for others. But all these discussions come much later on. First and foremost, the question you should ask yourself is why should I write? What should I write? How do I go about it? Yes, to start writing a blog, your mind should be crystal clear as to what to do. Here are a few steps which you need to follow one by one to start of blogging being a newbie blogger.

Step 1 – Choose a platform

The first thing to do is selecting a platform to showcase your blogs on. While WordPress is ranked the best blogging platform till now, there are other varieties of platforms too like Blogger and Tumblr. These platforms are the best ones that are extremely easy to use. You can edit and re-edit your blogs, play around with various kinds of theme and layouts to pick from.

Step 2 – Decide whether you want a domain or not

Being a beginner, you can always take the advantage of practicing at the start and then slowly-slowly own your domain. Self hosting or having a domain of your own is going to add creditability to your business. It is definitely a step to be taken when you are dead serious of taking blogging as a profession.

Step 3 – Create your blog

Design your blog on your desired platform like the way you want. Customize it according to your preferences with the help of a number of themes and layouts to select from. Creating a visual impression on your potential audience is the sole reason why you need to design your blog. Keep it minimalistic yet trendy. Let the colour, texture and the images speak on behalf of your personality.  Also keep the navigation of your website simple.

Step 4 – Resources to guide you through

Blogging requires research and which is why it is always important to look upon books and the internet to get valuable and trustworthy information, of course you do not want your audience to follow your blog that contains wrong information. Proofreading and cross checking your blog therefore becomes important too.

Step 5 – Learning from mistakes

It is not that easy to be perfect in what you do. As an amateur writer, you are bound to make several mistakes. The best thing to do would be to take lessons from those mistakes and incorporate them in making your blogs even better than before. Your writing quality is going to improve therefore; your blog would be a magnum opus.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have made up your mind that you would become a blogger, whether be it professionally or not, you do need to follow the above steps at the beginning as a beginner. Gear yourself up, pick up a dear pen of yours and start penning down!