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Acquaint Yourself With The Latest Trends Of Blogosphere

Bloggers have long been known as the pirates of the seas in terms of content, freedom and treasures.

They can roam around from one topic to the next, use the language they love the most and make a living out of it.

If this description suits your job, then keep on reading and pay close attention to the trends of this coming year in the blogosphere.

Visually Appealing Content

Visually appealing content is an open statement that involves several aspects of your blogging life.

Visually appealing content is an open statement that involves several aspects of your blogging life. First aspect is to pay attention to the distribution of your words in terms of paragraphs, subtitles, commas and periods.

If a reader thinks it is too long or with little dynamics, they will abort the mission. After step one is mastered, comes the time for the images, animations, infographics, GIFs and videos. Make sure to include relevant ones of each of those to every post to make the reading more entertained and also to attract all kinds of different public.

Example: All Girl Massage Series

All Girl Massage Series LogoThis series is nothing new in the world of adult entertainment. All Girl Massage debuted sometime in 2012 and it is still going strong with constant updates in 2019. This is truly impressive. The crew is ever upgrading their hardware, recruiting more and more beautiful women and all that to showcase us the true chemistry between lesbian girls in massage porn. A true statement to see why visual content is still the king.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile is the king today and there´s no slowing down in the near future.

Make your content mobile friendly and take the time to test it in your own phone; chances are if it doesn´t look good on yours, it will not look good on anybody else´s.

Make sure your content is 100% mobile friendly.

English, Man

English, Man

English is the number one blog language in the world and we all know that there is no slowing down on that aspect either.

If English is not your mother tongue, it is time you start mastering it.

In the meantime, you should hire a freelance translator and have them translate your content.

The faster you start, the sooner you´ll be on your way with English.

Strong Branding To Be Expected

The biggest brands in the world are expected to go strongly into blogging because it is an inexpensive way to do indirect marketing. Have you heard about story telling?

Well, that is indirect marketing: telling an inspiring story and putting the product inside the plot to highlight its best features.

Blogging for branding is the next big thing, don´t miss out on it.

Longer Content

Longer is not always better, but neither is shorter. In times of immediacy as the ones we are living right now, we always think that the more we can condense our posts to make them shorter to read, the more readers we will attract but that is not entirely true.

The new trend for bloggers is to make long posts about interesting topics in a very dynamic way.

Prepare those fingers and let your imagination loose.

Video And Live Blogging

Video blogging is more and more common. For example, travelers who keep a journal or a blog on the road are now going into a video format so they can compile it and then upload it to a free platform like YouTube.

Same thing goes for Instagram and Facebook live; dare to make the crossover and put that face of yours on camera.

Interactive Content

Video blogging in most social media is already interactive content, but most people want to participate even further.

Video blogging in most social media is already interactive content, but most people want to participate even further.

Keep this in mind while you are trying to make your next piece and think in which way you would like to participate if you were your own reader. Once you have that answer, apply it.

Be There And Answer Them

Speaking of interaction, the importance of comments response and engagement is crucial nowadays. Make this statement and live by it: be there for your readers.

If you have your personal social media added to your profile, use it to engage more. Interaction is the trend this year, don´t miss out on that or your readers.

Telling The Story

Finally, 2019 is all about telling the story with all the tools you have around you.

Make it happen, tell the story, let them know about all the little nuances with photos, videos and interactive content. Engage them in your own words and the result is a rocket trip to stardom.


There is no right formula to make a living as a blogger, but according to media specialists and fellow bloggers these are the trends that can really make a difference in the upcoming year. Make no mistake and adopt them as soon as possible to start making the most out of your blog today.