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What Bloggers Are Doing In Common?

I enjoy learning from people who know what they are doing. One of the most popular contents I enjoy reading is world class content delivered by bloggers. The best way to become a top-notch blogger with attractive writing style is to follow the examples of those who succeeded in the industry from their creativity and art. In this article, today we would like to address the common things that bloggers do to make their writings attractive.

Yes, like any other field, profession, talent or art, we are gifted differently, have varying abilities but in one way or another we share some certain common characteristics. For bloggers, the following are the common aspects in their writings;

Promoting Growl Boyz!

GrowlBoyz.orgForgive us starting with this, but to be honest it’s the brutal truth about the blogosphere. It’s all done for money and promotion of products/services. But once in a while the promotion takes an interesting turn and it’s something we, bloggers, actually love. This is the case with Growl Boyz – which is the video website for gay porn lovers. Yes, you heard it right – it’s adult only series. What makes it special? The theme of content. Imagine ancient society of homosexuals wanting to become kind of super heroes by doing indecent, taboo sex acts. It’s hard to explain the cult and its reasons so if you became curious… go ahead to for more information!

Update! Say Hello To Missionary Boys

Boys Becoming Men in Missionary Boys Scenes
Boys Becoming Men in Missionary Boys Scenes

Innocent missionary boys becoming men in graphic, deviant situations. They really want to become part of secret order – and there is only one path leading to this – through explicit gay acts. The older generation of priest is taking advantage of young cultists. All in good faith.

Feed And Fuel Our Curiosity

Human beings are curious creatures. Curiosity is an aspect of the body’s physiological response that inspires us to learn, take action, discover and resonate around life. In today’s society, people are curious about where others live and go about life.

For instance, we are influenced much by the lifestyles of our favorite celebrities. Their lives and actions are spectacular especially when a blogger chooses to deliver rumours or gossips in their industry. May would follow in social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook photos. They fuel the masses with intense gravity.

Tantalizing headlines such as, appealing, salacious and smart looking instill curiosity.  They compel the reader to just want more. In doing so, the readers get engaged to read more of the content.

Follow A Certain Routine

Successful bloggers are very creative and rational. If you are keen enough to discover, in their styles of writing they tend to follow a certain path. It is generally recognised that creativity is fuelled by predictive and routine schedules.

It is said that when someone is inclined to a certain routine, they will be most likely inline to accomplish two important aspects. First, they may be in a journey that creates space for creativity in their brains. Secondly, allocating the brain sufficient energy to execute creative roles.

Great bloggers have always had a certain routine that would ensure that they set aside some time for writing. Depending on what you do, how you do it and when, we have certain routines we set aside to follow that in the long run ensures maximum productivity.

Follow A Schedule

To instill creativity, a routine is necessary just like to make sure you are productive needs one to follow a certain schedule. With a schedule, one finds a clear plan of the future. It makes you set aside time for the day week and even be able to determine the longevity of your work.

Most bloggers are prone to use editorial calendars to be able to plan effectively. It is a core component of the bloggers goal in order to attract readers. Research at HubSpot has constantly demonstrated that blogging and customer acquisition are highly correlated.

And so most bloggers choose to deliver their content within a certain schedule. Some do weekly, or monthly. The higher the frequency, the most likely the blogger will attract the reader’s attention, engagement and interaction.

Listen To The Feedback From Their Audience

World class bloggers desire to actively engage their audience. Generally, blogging is looked at as a platform for conversing with people. Social media platforms and more specifically the internet is a common ground for human interaction.

As the content of the blog circulates around the internet, the readers give out their feedbacks through comments, sharing with others and retweeting the content. The author is then expected to listen and respond to the readers as required in time.

From there they learn which of their article attracted more people and are able to lay more focus. It is also a social responsibility of the blogger to respond to every comment from the audience. This basically shows that as the blogger you are truly engaged and devoted to help your customers.