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Is Single Topic Better than Multi-Topic Blogging?

I have had moment when I was stuck as to whether to choose a single topic or multiple topics for my blogs. You definitely would want to explore both the sides but then at the end of the day, you would need to come down to a particular niche. So when we talk about single topic vs. multiple topic blogging, whom according to you would win the scene?

Let’s take a look into the advantages first.

Pros of multiple topics in a blog

  • Various topics mean many keyword varieties. More varieties mean more broadening the audience base. So, undoubtedly, your domain is going to become way stronger if you opt for multiple topics.
  • Due to the flexibility in the number of topics more than one, a visitor will have less chances of getting bored. It is your job to make sure you do justice to the disparity of multiple topics in gaining as much attention as possible.
  • If your audience gets engaged well in your blog posts, then there is a high chance of gaining the top or high rank in search engine platforms.
  • Elasticity in adding or removing topics from your blog is easy for you. If you find something is getting tedious, just eliminate that and add in something fruitful. This way you can expand your topics in your blogs.

Pros of single topic in a blog

  • Single topic means particular keywords are to be targeted. These keywords drive in a particular set of target audience who shares the exact niche just like you. They find the necessary information in the blogs and if impressed, you never know, there is a chance of them returning back to your site.
  • As it is a one topic thing, the content is considered to be of high quality. You can broaden up your thoughts and jot down all your knowledge and information into the blog about that one single topic.

Well, now that you have got an idea about the advantages where the weights are higher on the side of the multiple topic blogs. So now it is time to find out who scores the less in disadvantages:

Cons of multiple topics in a blog

  • You just can’t compromise on the research part of your blog content. If you need variation in your content, you have to dedicate way more time, money and energy into it.
  • Not everyone is a pro when it comes to multiple topics. So to make sure you ensure rich content quality, you would require more writers to do the job for you. This way your task increases too.

Cons of single topic in a blog

  • There comes a point, when no matter how much you try to maintain stability, your content is going to become tedious. This can hamper quality big time that can lose all your potential visitors.

Clearly if I had to declare a winner, it would be multiple topic blogging taking away the crown from the single topic blogging. But it also depends on what you are trying to say through your blogs, who your target audience is and what is your aim for writing the blogs. Taking into consideration each and everything, you need to figure out yourself on whose side you are on and which one will work the best for your blog.  Happy blogging!