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Why Blogging Is Not Blooming In This Social Era.

Blogging decline with social era is not much of a surprise.

It will be inadmissible to say blogging is dead but its a fact that blogging has really gone down. Most of us can recall the old days when every quick to making money was all about blogging. It was a golden investment that any blogger would take pride if he or she owned a WordPress blog or an account from blogger. However, times have now changed our attention spans are getting small day by day no one has time to read a 1000 worded autobiography when he could get the same information from scrolling or even swipe up and down in the respective person social media account profiles.

The truth of the matter is that conventional blogging is almost dead.

Social media platforms are the new queen and king of the prom that used to be in the hands of WordPress. For instance look at the numbers of account for both snapshots and Instagram opened every day, you will be surprised to note not even half of the numbers are close to those going for blogging platforms such as blogger and WordPress. The new rulers have changed the rules it’s no longer about your story but about your identity. Everyone is rooting more comments, pokes, likes as well as hashtags.

Honorable mention – Latin Leche

Latin Leche
Latin Leche

We really need to send some compliments towards Latin Leche series. It’s been released this February and it’s built in classic way, on WordPress platform. What is Latin Leche (don’t mistake it with latin milk)? Well, imagine American guys taking cameras in their hands and using money to find some latino-origin guys to do some homosexual acts. Yes, it’s gay video series recorded in first person perspective.

Take a look at some of the actions here.

In this modern time everyone is a brand, thus everyone is trying to sell something. You will be damned if you did not know this. You will find yourself thousands of followers in Instagram, this turns your account into a business account with this account a single picture can be viewed by thousands of people, this takes the saying a picture is worth a thousand words; This in return attracts several prospect consumers. With all this happening with words from the picture what of real words from blogs what happens to that if not death.

A socialite posts her picture while pregnant in the comment section she recommends medication for morning sickness in pregnant women or the best clothing to wear, with her following you sure of conversions. On the other hand, take a blogger with diverse knowledge of medicine he or she could be a doctor blogs about morning sickness in details and ways to go about them. Regardless of her diverse expertise when compared to the socialite, her reach is very small. This kills blogging through this kind of events.

Another example of why the current social era is killing blogging is vlogging who would prefer reading a guide from wikihow on to use a blender or fix your kitchen drainage when there is a 3-minute video of the same on YouTube, most people would go for the video one. This leaves the bloggers dry making it more difficult for them to get traffic hence a reduction from their incentive cut. Collectively the current social era has killed blogging

The truth of the matter is that conventional blogging is almost dead. This is because everyone this day has a blog making the blogging sphere overcrowded. With the good material or blog post being buried by superficial contents its difficult for writers themselves to be encouraged.